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This week was all about Fairtrade with a little help from The Co-op. As you know, we have been selected as a Local Cause which means The Co-op is fundraising for us. You can add to the pot by becoming Co-op members and selecting us as a local cause. 

Join Co-op instore or visit to vote for local causes.

We are raising money for our library to be more inclusive and diverse and reflect all of our pupils.

The Co-op are supporting us in a number of projects. The crop pack is project number one!

In assembly, we learnt about Marcial and Therese, banana and cocoa farmers in Panama and how they work as a Co-operative. We learned the term 'fair price' and 'co-operative' and thought about making good choices in our purchases if we want to support Fairtrade. Miss Perrin's class had a further discussion about sustainable clothing. It has been great to hear the children thinking critically about choices we make.  On Thursday, Samantha Queen form The Co-op, dressed as a banana, came to visit to plant some crops and to plant two fruit trees which will help us to 'grow our own' and contribute to sustainable planting. A great time was had by all.