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School Meals

At lunchtime children can:

- go home for lunch

- have a hot school meal

- bring in a packed lunch


Our hot school meals are varied, nutritious and very popular with our children, with over half our children ordering a meal each day. Children can 'mix and match' between packed lunches and hot meals.  The hot meal ordering procedure is set out below; 


  • Menu order forms are available on our website (see above) or from the office.  We have a repeating three-week menu.  Please circle the meal you would like on the relevant day and return your menu form to the office.  *Please note that jacket potatoes are available every day.
  • Your order form needs to be completed and payment made by the Wednesday before the menu weeks begins, as our meals are not cooked on site and we need to give notice to our providers.
  • Dinner tickets are sold at a cost of £2.60 each; these can be purchased via Parentmail (shop tab).
  •  We cannot supply a lunch unless you have ordered in advance - paying for a lunch does not mean that we can supply a meal instantly. You must still fill out a menu and pre-order with enough time as detailed above.