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ITSLEARNING (our main learning platform)

OUR MAIN HOME LEARNING AREA - Work always available for any student isolating.  

See the 'Home Learning' course for your year group.

(For info: 'Itslearning' was previously 'Fronter' / Log in to 'Atomwide USO' box) 

- Projects and home learning ideas from your teacher, tailored to your child and their class.

- Your teachers are adding to these 'Courses' (virtual classrooms) regularly.  If you are learning from home, try and check in often, to see what's new and to speak to your teacher if you need to.

* There is an 'Itslearning' link on the Home Page 'signpost' and your login details should be in your diary (previously known as 'Fronter' login).  Contact your teacher or Mrs Selfe in the Office  if you have trouble logging in.