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Who's Who

 Coteford Junior School


'Staff were overwhelmingly positive. 

They said the school is well led and managed, and they are proud to work there. 

Teachers work constructively with each other to improve the quality of teaching'



Senior Leadership Team

Miss J Martin - Headteacher 

Mrs R Eckley - Deputy Headteacher & Literacy Lead

Miss K Skinner - SENCO & Assistant Head for Inclusion


Class Teaching Staff


Year 3


TeacherAdditional Responsibility


Mrs C Seddigh        



Miss M Kahar 









Year 4


TeacherAdditional Responsibility


Miss E Bowerman   


SEN support
Mrs I Whitewick

School Council




Mr T Harding     








Year 5


TeacherAdditional Responsibility


Mrs R Eckley


Deputy Headteacher

Literacy Lead


Mrs S McNaughton 


Reading & Assessment


Mrs U Qureshy




Mrs L Foster




Year 6


TeacherAdditional Responsibility
Miss R Coburn         

Lead Practitioner Assessment




Mrs S McNaughton 


Reading & Assessment


Miss S Perrin 




Mrs F Kirk






Teacher                    Additional Responsibility


Mrs J Allen




Miss K Skinner






Mrs S Raimbach                           Science



Mrs D Boffey                                  Higher Achieving Pupils / Music



Learning Support Assistants

Mrs J Allen (HLTA)

Mrs K Furssedonn

Mrs S Wilson

Mr F Belinga

Mrs E Strachan

Miss S Grey

Mrs L Popatlal

Miss T Cryan

Mrs N Keoshgerian

Mrs S Davies

Miss D Liasides

Mrs H Thomas

Mr T Brennan

Mr J Keltie

Mrs S McAlpine

Mrs A Hora

Mrs Z Hastings

Mr O Spence

Mrs M Nelder

Miss S Ember

Mrs S Hutchinson

Mrs L Surridge

Mrs D Glynn

Mrs C Lilley

Mrs R O’Connor

Mrs D Bigu

Miss C Adams

Mrs A Tarique

Mrs E McGuinness

Miss C Bickerton

Miss A Francis

Mrs A Macalpine

Mrs S Somaia






Office Staff


Mrs J Giffney

Business Manager

Mrs J Hardy

Administration Manager

Mrs S Wallace

Curriculum Support Officer

Miss A Reid

Parent Liaison 

Mrs K Goodman

SEN Support

Premises and Welfare Support

Mrs J Nash


Mr D Scott

Site Manager

Mrs Y Scott

Assistant Site Manager





Catering & Lunchtime Staff

Ms P Manucci

Catering Assistant

Mrs D Stocking

Meal Time Supervisor

Mrs M Carrad

Meal Time Supervisor

Mrs H Hill

Meal Time Supervisor

Mrs H Adams

Meal Time Supervisor