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TOWER OF LONDON - Year 4 Trip on 16th May 2024

On Thursday 16th May 4BW and half of 4KS went to the Tower of London. The children were full of awe and wonder all day. Straightway they made friends with the ravens. All the children couldn't believe how big they were and how close you get to them. We all took advantage of no queuing for the crown jewels where the children saw all the coronation regalia from last year.


After lunch, we saw a medieval show about the legend of the ravens and how the tower would crumble without them. The children played an active part in this. They even got to stoke a 'raven'. They loved it!


However, then it rained like you would never believe as we heard you didn't have it at home. There is very little drainage at the tower as it is over a thousand years old so it floods. Despite this the children were amazing!


We are incredibly proud of how all the children dealt with the downpour and being soaking wet all the way home. No one complained. They were very mature.


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Well done Year 4!

You showed the public Coteford at its best.


Miss Bowerman, Mrs Whitewick & the Year 4 team