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Black History Month at Coteford

We were very proud of the contributions made by our pupils in our ‘Celebrating Black History’ assemblies. We asked pupils what made them proud. The children shared their heritage and others discussed why it is important to represent all people and to ensure everyone has a voice. We are delighted with all of our contributors but one story really stood out. Iyass’s family have given us permission to share his words. This is a snapshot of what he said:

'I’m proud to be black because my heritage is a source of strength. Black is beautiful, black is excellent, black is joy, black is pain and black is evident. I’m black and I’m proud. My ancestors went from being kings and queens to slaves and then back to kings and queens.' 

Iyass’s great great grandfather was captured with his sister and they were both set to become slaves. But as his grandfather was albino, he was let go as his skin did not look black. His sister was taken and to this day no-one knows if she died or stayed alive. 

His story was so powerful that the children started a round of rapturous applause.  He finished with such powerful words:

'I come from a powerful family. I was born too soon but will never give up because I am Iyass Baba. I’m black and proud.' 

Huge thanks to Iyass and all of our children who contributed. It was a special moment for all of us.